View Full Version : -GONE- FREE #61 1960's Blue Swirl Outfit, expires 7/11

Vintage Betty
07-06-2008, 06:54 PM

*All clothing items are used
*All clothing items are from an estate and are size 6-10 women's, 36"-38" bust.
*If you want measurements & condition, post a note to this thread. Do not PM me. Otherwise, I will skip this information until someone displays interest in order to display as many items in as short of a time as possible.
*All items were photographed as quickly as possible. Therefore, items might be crooked or not displayed to their advantage. Assume color is incorrect and read the title carefully for correct color.
*Pre-payment of shipping required
*I will ship within one week of receiving payment
*You are welcome to one item a week, unless no one else wants 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. item
*Offer expires July 11; you can pick one item from list of items ending this date.

You pay shipping via US Priority Mail via a US Bank Account. Please post to this thread and do not PM me, as my mailbox is full. No resellers please, this item is for your own use.

International Loungers: You are welcome to claim this item, but I will only ship within the US. You will have to find a US Lounger, and I will ship the item to them and send that person a bill for shipping. They can than send the item to you.