View Full Version : Vendors and Christmas Lists

Renderking Fisk
11-05-2005, 12:28 PM
I came up with the idea while posting here - I've refined it and this is what I'm looking to do.

The Holiday Shopping season is almost here and thought crossed my mind earlier this morning that there are a whole bunch of new vendors who aren't listed on any of the main pages of ANY of the sites. These people deserve our business but aren?「どィび「t listed, or if they are listed on these forums - nobody knows they exist elsewhere.

I'm working on getting a list together of these vendors, make a short catalog and then offer that list to anyone who wants it. I want to use this holiday season to get them more of the spot-light and boost their sales so they'll continue to provide us with awesome repo-retro good.

Post your suggestion for the vendor list here with a list of what they produce and I'll get to work on that page. I want to get this done The Friday Before Thanksgiving (not the one after?「どィャカ) and perhaps offer a wish-list service for other members who have somewhere to send friends and family members for gift suggestion.

Give me your list and links, I'll put them on a page with your own unique address.