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  1. -Ariel-
    -Ariel- Fastuni
    Please update your account of photohosting. I want to see the trench from East Germany
  2. kkok
    kkok Boyo
    Hi Boyo,

    I am interested in this. Can you tell me color and pricing? If you could send pictures to 22101fam@gmail.com that would be great. Thank you.


    1. Boyo
      Hello Kim,
      The jacket is the natural leather version that has been tanned and conditioned once. It is now a light golden brown color. I will take a few pictures and send them your way.
      I love this jacket but i feel it’s a size too small for me , and they don’t make them any bigger.
      Sep 22, 2017 at 5:34 PM
  3. Paisley
    Paisley Joie DeVive
    Long time no see! Hope you're doing well. I see you're a mom now--congratulations!
  4. Mustang Mike's Hats
    Mustang Mike's Hats
    The website .. mustangmikeshats.com ... is up and running and I'm starting to take orders. What a blessing!
  5. Fands
    Fands Barmey
  6. Joie DeVive
    Joie DeVive Diamondback
    Hi there, long time no see. I haven't been on here in an age. I hope all is well for you.
  7. Indiana Funzi
    Indiana Funzi
    It's always a good day to wear a Fedora!
  8. Lady Day
  9. OldGreyBird
    Getting used to life with a rebuilt knee...it's made a lot of difference, and for the better.
  10. jonesy86
    jonesy86 tmitchell59
    HI Terry
    I would like to purchase this jacket. Its a beauty.
  11. justin lucas
  12. Time Traveler
    Time Traveler
    In the land of the blind , the one -eyed man is king
  13. jptravels4fun
    Traveling....and when I am not, I am planning a trip.
  14. Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson Mr. Pink
    email is richardpalmerthompson@gmail.com
  15. Nolucker
    Nolucker Willybob
    Ok, so I was thinking.... my issue and hence my offer is based o.n the 3 inch brim, which is a bit large for me, so assuming u have the tools to cut down the brim, I might take the hat with a 2 5/8 brim. If this is more work than you want to do, I get it. Of I have to pay a hat store 35 bucks or so to cut the brim, it changes the equation.
  16. Nolucker
    Nolucker Willybob
    Don't know if you got my pm, was to g to offer on the Akubra
  17. Pushingtin
    Pushingtin Royalcrown32
    i wear a 46 short. Do you think this will fit? I am interested. Thanks,
  18. Pushingtin
    Pushingtin Royalcrown32
    is you jacket still available? Thanks!! Andy 925.366.6841
    1. Royalcrown32
      My instructor jacket is yes.
      Aug 29, 2017
  19. johnny rocket 7
    johnny rocket 7
    Alive and well and still living on planet earth.
  20. Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson Mr. Pink
    I'd like to own this nice VS Panama at $145 shipped CONUS via PayPal if it is still available.