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  1. HatLoverGirl
    Looking for a wide brim black straw fedora hat...
  2. HatLoverGirl
    Looking for a wide brim black star fedora hat
  3. HatLoverGirl
    Help! I can't get this photo to look upright!
  4. HatLoverGirl
    Extremely Disappointed :(
  5. Zachary
    “Capable of everything, fit for nothing.”
  6. HatLoverGirl
    I want a straw hat!!!!!!!!
  7. HatLoverGirl
    Did I mention I love Audrey Hepburn? <3
  8. HatLoverGirl
    HatLoverGirl AbbaDatDeHat
    I love your avatar, the painting is beautiful. Did you paint that?
  9. HatLoverGirl
    I am looking to write a blog about foods shaped like hats, anyone knows about people who are good at making realistic hats with food?
  10. Viajero
  11. Johnny Lane
    Johnny Lane
    Alive and well in S California
  12. Bugguy
    Newark next week. Oh, joy.
  13. Mark
    Close account
  14. WDurableGoods
    WDurableGoods rclark
    Hey! I saw your post about the Stetson 100 from Porters AZ. i was bidding against you on that!
    I was so hopeful to get it, but i'm glad it went to a fellow collector! My retail /workshop is here in Fort Worth, i'd love to meet! hope you have a great weekend. wdurablegoods.com
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  15. triggerxing
    triggerxing humanshoes
    Hi there. I'm looking for a few good hat making tools such as a rounding jack as well as a brim curler. Are you still making these? You could email me back at deepriverrabbit@yahoo.com . malcolm is the name. cheerio!
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  16. cn4126
    The New Guy
  17. jhoops01
    jhoops01 Daniele Tanto
    Hi Daniele,
    Hope you are feeling ok.

  18. Dré 29
    Dré 29
    Living the dream...
  19. 32-BOY
    Still looking for perfect one...
  20. ojo
    ojo EstherWeis
    Hi Esther, Joao mention you when I asked him about finding beaver felt in Europe. Do you know some supplier, can you help me? Thanks in advance.