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  1. scott crabb
    scott crabb
    i"m still here and on the hunt for information on most subjects esp leather
  2. RoadTripDog
    RoadTripDog CaramelSmoothie
    Is that Bessie Coleman? I learned about her while researching for one of my novels. An amazing person who needlessly died too young.
  3. Nolucker
    Nolucker jglf
    I would go 30 on the Promethius you can email me jlevavi@gmail.com
  4. Indiana Funzi
    Indiana Funzi
    Very happy to be a member of this fantastic community!!
  5. Animal Jack
    Animal Jack
  6. Animal Jack
    Animal Jack
    Hi , nice to be back .
  7. scott crabb
    scott crabb jamespowers
    Since i am new to the membership-and you are the obvious reichsmaster (lame joke) are there future tv appearances for the reichsmaster of dos Equss in store?
  8. scott crabb
    scott crabb
    i bought a new roadmaster HH from stu last week- Why? pegasus doubtless makes good product- but korea is still not USA
  9. realgone
    realgone Vince in Philly
    Hi Vince, thanks for the reply. I'd love to see some pics and measurements of the deck jacket. Very interested.
    jcoopers AT hotmail.com
  10. scott crabb
    scott crabb
    the fugitive
  11. Nolucker
    Nolucker cozy d
    Interested in the Borso, can you drop me a line jlevaviatgmail.com
    1. cozy d
      cozy d
      Hi Jack, thanks for your interest, I just sent you an email. Any questions, how can I help? The hat is in perfect shape. Cheers, Darrel
      Mar 14, 2017
  12. Motocowboy
    A westerner caught in the east!
  13. kowalski
    kowalski Bushman
    Thanks :) Kowalski it very popular and it is very Polish
    Grand torino ,vanishing point ect ...Regards
  14. Bushman
    Bushman kowalski
    From one Kowalski to another, I like the name. ;)
  15. 101 Pathfinder
    101 Pathfinder EstherWeis
    Hi Esther,

    I've fallen in love with Sergi Fedora and was hoping to perhaps get a similar one.
    What colors and type of felt do you use?
    I may be in Rotterdam in June before heading to Normandy for the D-Day ceremonies or is shipping to the states not a problem? Thanx.
    1. 101 Pathfinder
      101 Pathfinder
      His hat in question is your "6 OC"
      Which is simply outstanding with the brim and band work you did.
      Mar 7, 2017
  16. Al Corcoran
    Al Corcoran
    I'm doing research on "BADGER HAT" from the G. H. Heinemann Co . Milwaukee, Wi. The "BADGER HAT" was registered in August 1903. Any help?
  17. jimh
    Painting and flying...life is good
  18. Keep Dandyism Alive
    Keep Dandyism Alive
    Proud owner of : two pairs of 20's spats, a dachshund, Linus, 8 fedoras and my first double breasted waistcoat from the 30's! Tallyho chaps
  19. Merrill
    Merrill Treetopflyer
    Appreciate the name choice. A thrill I once had: I had a front row seat (comped, I could never have afforded it) at the Hollywood Bowl many years ago when Stephen Stills sat on a stool before us on the stage and sang "Tree Top Flyer" solo accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar. Finally got a CD not so long ago of him doing the same thing.
    1. Treetopflyer likes this.
    2. Treetopflyer
      The first time I heard the song it was sung by Jimmy Buffet. Second time was the Stills version.
      Mar 5, 2017
  20. tropicalbob
    tropicalbob bolthead
    What's up.
    1. bolthead
      did u receive the pictures?
      Mar 3, 2017
    2. tropicalbob
      Sure did. And thanks very much.
      Mar 3, 2017