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Thread: Reproduction classic workwear

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    I think at this point you could've bought some new jeans for what you've got invested in those patches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinerman View Post
    Continued wear of these LVC jeans has required another major round of patching.
    Sorry I was slow to respond to your earlier post Dinerman. Yes. I have had to patch my 501s a lot more in the past decade. I have noticed, the big killers of my jeans are, wet knees and concrete or rock, especially, lava rock! Also, my hand grinder and cutoff wheel. The sparks will put small holes I can't even see, then a couple of washings later, big holes. My wallet, also does a number on the right rear pockets, and now that I carry one of the big cell phones in the left, I am sure they will fallow. The watch pocket doesn't seem to last, even if I put nothing in them. Last but not least, no matter how much I baby them, the edge of the front pockets wear out from reaching for keys and change. On one of my 501s, I just had the second from the top button holes blow out. Glad they are button fly, I can get away with wearing them at home, with out any wardrobe malfunction incident!
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