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You sure it isn't just playing dead?
I've heard that about them.
Especially on the interstate.

My girls are convinced there is a rat in or around my shed out back.
Could be, so each time I get the mower out, I let them inspect the shed.
One looks in the shed, while the other one goes in back in case we have a "runner."
Nothing yet.
If only the Bedlie wasn't easily distracted!
One minute she's sniffing for uninvited guests, and the next minute she's chasing a moth/bug.
Yeah, I had one of those play dead situations before so I was wary this time.It didn’t get closer than a shovel handle away.It was long gone by the time I found it though.Interesting how they behave when you use ventriloquism on it though.
He could do a better job on the squirrels though. The furry tailed rats richly deserve to be found the same way.