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Thread: New Box Set from Mosaic Records

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    New Box Set from Mosaic Records

    Here's an up-coming release from Mosaic. They have issued some amazing box set of artists from the Golden Age.

    A bit pricey but the quality is top-notch!

    Classic Chu Berry Columbia and Victor Sessions
    Limited Edition 7 CD Box Set - $119

    "Chu was a genius." - Coleman Hawkins

    "Considering the brevity of 'Chu's' life, and that his recording career spans a mere decade, it is remarkable that his name continues to loom large in the annals of jazz. Had he lived, there is no doubt that he would be ensconced in the jazz pantheon alongside Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. He was that good." - Dan Morgenstern

    One of the principles that has guided Mosaic Records is our commitment to present a body of work by not only the most widely recognized great artists in jazz such as Monk, Ellington and Armstrong but also artists whose work has not received the acknowledgment that they so richly deserve such as Tina Brooks and Herbie Nichols. Chu Berry is such an artist. As noted above by Dan Morgenstern, but for the tragic automobile accident at 33 with only ten years of recordings, his legacy in the world of jazz would be as well known as any of the masters.

    This set - featuring 178 separate recordings on seven CDs, originally cut over a span of eight years - collects both the sessions he led and others where he contributed significantly as a sideman. As you journey through the set you will treated to a who's who of jazz of the 1930s: Benny Carter, Roy Eldridge, Teddy Wilson, the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra, Hot Lips Page, the Cab Calloway Orchestra and Lionel Hampton.

    He died in 1941 in Conneaut, OH which is just down the highway from where I live.
    "...back in the Thirties, the style seeker learned that genuine stylishness was an extension of himself..." AF

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    the columbia "Chuberry Jam" is great.

    small group Commodore sides w/ Roy -sensational as well.

    what a great player.

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