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Thread: Do You Listen To The Radio?

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    Do You Listen To The Radio?

    Radio is probably the oldest form of entertainment that doesn't involve travelling to hear (or see) it. Today's radio can be concocted up in a series of talk shows, lots of music, news, gospel preaching, and sports. I used to listen to 106.7 KROQ, a station in the Los Angeles/Orange County area that plays nonstop rock music. Every morning on my way to school it was "Kevin and Bean in the morning". I guess other than that I really never listened to the radio much. My parents listen to classical, one of my friends still listens to KROQ, and I occasionally listen every Saturday morning to a college station playing old music.

    So what do you listen to on the radio or what did you listen to?
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    All our local stations were bought out by Cheap Channel, er Clear Channel and reprogrammed with inane satellite fare, so I don't listen to them anymore. I do however listen to NPR every morning, and I tune in the Red Sox games on AM every night after work. Always have, and I imagine, I always will.
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    Sadly I don't listen to the radio anymore. When I'm driving it's only CDs (dance bands from the 20s and 30s mainly) and at home the same, and from those dance bands, it's not just any music from that era that I like, but I burn my own CDs and I choose only the tunes I like best(there was also some reallly bad music back then, you know...)
    So no, no radio for me.

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    Internet radio., and a couple of 20s themems stations


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    No radio for me, either. Right now, if my husband and I are in the car together we'll listen to 104.5 out of Philadelphia. It recently changed it's format to 90s alternative -- which we both like.

    BUT!! Philly is notorious for having a good radio station, having it last for about a year, then it goes to hip-hop.

    When I'm alone I listen to my CDs. My Living Era Hits Of... (1920-1940) CDs and my 1980s mega-mix that I burned.

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    Smooth jazz on the local university student station.
    Internet WABC and others.
    Talkers during the day. Boortz, Ingraham, Levin et al.

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    My Favorite Radio Station

    My oldies station has a playlist of 7000 songs, sound souviner's from the 1950's, 60's 70's and 80's on 92.7 FM.

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    I listen to internet playlists. I'm into anything odd and out there. They'd never play the music I listen to on the radio. When I do listen to radio, I try to find an Indian or Arabic music station.
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    NPR on the way to and from school.

    Car Talk on the weekends, Big Broadcast on Sunday night.

    The classical station or AM talk radio while driving sometimes.

    Otherwise, internet radio for me at home.

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    Yes, when I am in my home office I listen to radio. Various AM talk radio, some FM music stations.


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