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Thread: What was the last TV show you watched?

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    Biopic of British 1960s pop star Cilla Black.
    What got me about this was that the actress playing Cilla, Sheridan Smith, was a better singer than Cilla Black ever was.
    For those not familiar with Cilla Black, she was a 1960s pop star from Liverpool around the same time as the Beatles started to make a name for themselves in the UK. She mainly presented covers of US hits such as Dionne Warwick's
    Anyone who had a heart etc. Also Managed by Brian Epstein(who managed the Beatles). Cilla then went on to make more of a name for herself as a TV personality and is still in the business.

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    ^^^^ Don't know how true this is but I heard on an NPR interview with Hal David that Dionne did not like Ms. Black for covering her songs note for note for the English audience. When she finally had the hit with "Alfie" that had been recorded and re-recorded and previously released by others... she's rumored to have said "Okay Cilla... take THAT!"

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    The Jack Benny Program "Jack At The Supermarket."

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