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Hubby and I started re-watching "Deadwood" last night. It's been 5 years since we watched it, and I'd forgotten how much I grew to love some of the characters. As soon as I saw Jane.... sigh. Yes.
I watched it when it was on (10 years ago?) and haven't seen it since. I remember thinking Trixie was a cool character - tough life, tough background, but had both grit and a moral compass (with the needle usually, but not always, pointed in the right direction). I'm alway impressed with anyone who's had a brutally unfair life but somehow out of that has a decent value system as you could understand if they were a just-look-out-for-myself person after all that happened to them.

But again, long time since I've seen it, but she made an impression on me. I also found the laudanum-addict Alma nuanced and enjoyable to watch act. They were both good complex characters that added a richness to the usual cast of male characters - good guys, bad guys, gunslinger, etc. - that populate westerns.