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Thread: Post New Hats Here!

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    Sharp!!! Thanks Steven!

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    You're welcome. I never cared for the down-on-all-sides brim look, myself. Where/when/for whom was that generally in fashion?

    This made me think how nice it is to each have our own fedora look. Here's to an incredibly adaptable hat style!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swing Motorman View Post
    I wish I had your luck, that's a really beautiful hat! I thought I did pretty well paying $70 for this new lid. I really wanted a truly non-tapered fedora, so I sprang for this fur felt sale hat on Hats In The Belfry. Looks rather '20s/'30s to my eye, despite being thoroughly modern. The felt is rather thin, but still feels great.

    Looking for some hat inspiration... I love the shape of this one. No taper is a great thing!

    Is it just me, or does Groucho look jealous?

    Everyone has such great hats lately. I'm glad I have a humble piece to contribute!

    Steven, that hat is a good look for you.

    Kirk H.

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    I rarely see fedoras in the thrift stores, so when I saw this Dobbs I had to pick it up, even though it is too small for me.
    It is in very good condition, it does not seem to have been worn much.

    This one is a Canadian Dobbs "made under licence"

    It was sold in Calgary by MacLeod Brothers...

    Still has the price tag attached to the back of the size tag

    "Data plate" underneath the sweatband

    A couple of more pics

    Not sure of the age of this hat...would guess 40's or 50's???

    Heres a couple of shots of the MacLeod Bros store in Calgary during the 20's and 30's
    Sad to see the store close last year after being in business for 109 years...couldnt compete with the big box stores

    Thanks for looking

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    I'm not sure exactly when Hat Corporation of America began international licensing instead of exporting, but all of the hats I can remember seeing were 1960s, as this one is. It may have started by the late-1950s under Salesky ownership.

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    J. Hckelエs Shne Alpha Seal Velour. This one is tiny but a rare + fantastic light color Velour. I would say 1930s. The felt, liner and sweatband coordinate color wise. More details in the German - Austrian thread.

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    Tall Topper

    About 7-1/2" tall. I think it is my oldest hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlk View Post
    About 7-1/2" tall. I think it is my oldest hat.
    Quite a specimen ...

    I love the brim binding too. Is the binding leather?

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    I believe the binding is fraying silk, its quite narrow. The hat is a bit scary to handle. Its very light--mostly paper and the thin leather sweatband is very curly and wide. The liner is actually a blue-gray and the sweat is very dark--like old cordovan. Only label is apparently Bon(Bou?) Paris--try researching that
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    Love the victorian era, and a great hat you've got there.

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