Here at the Fedora Lounge we all enjoy hats: looking at hats, collecting hats, wearing hats, buying, selling and trading hats. Of course I like all of these, but one of the most enjoyable is showcasing the hats made by our hatmakers who are few and far between these days.

Today when I got home from work there was a big box next to our door, a box full of hats from Major Mike Moore of Buckaroo Hatters. I've spent most of the day since then changing hats and standing in front of the mirror saying to myself, "Hot damn!"

My hope is that this thread will become a showplace for the Major's hats. He's one of the most outstanding people I've done business with in a long time, and I'm really glad I asked him to make these hats for me to wear.

I thought I would never want a black hat, and then I saw one like this one and loved it. I wanted this to be a special occasion hat, so I asked Mike to make me one out of pure beaver. I was the ribbon that changed my mind.

The second hat I took out of the box was a silverbelly. I wanted this one to be a knock about hat, but it won't be. Mike made this one from one of his staple bodies, but he made it way too nice for knocking about. This one is so soft, it just melts into shape when you touch it and it feels like a hat I've had for years. The ribbon and binding are burgundy, and the hat stands out.