I'm a YMCA rat, and I'm kind of bored with modern exercise clothes. Yoga pants + t-shirt = yawn. As I wear vintage inspired or vintage garb just about everywhere else, I'd been thinking about taking my vintage look to the Y. I swim, and take Pilates, Zumba and weight train.

Any one else doing this? If so, what are you wearing to work out in?

I'm a 40s figure type, so I'd like to work within that decade if possible, or late 30s. I would so love to have a swimsuit made ala' Esther Williams, and perhaps 40s high waisted shorts with knot front midriff shirt. Other than that, any ideas??

Pattern scans, pics of ads showing vintage casual/sportswear, etc. that would be suitable would be greatly appreciated and/or pics of yourself thusly attired in reply.