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Thread: BOARDWALK EMPIRE (HBO) - Everything you wanted to bootleg about the Show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fading Fast View Post
    The dead body as physical message is definitely an attention getter and the attached post card was a piquant, macabre touch. But I don't find it is the murder rate or accumulated bodies that keeps me coming back, it is the multilevel game playing by everyone - the gangsters, the police, the FBI and the politicians - that keeps me watching. That and the beautiful period sets, clothes, cars.

    And, Nucky. His philosophical approach, life weariness and inner grit is an incredible combination that has him always thinking three chess moves ahead, more of an observer than actor in his own life and able to survive almost as a single entity in a gangster world where most survivors have, well, large gangs. Nucky thinks his way through gang warfare, political machinations and, even, his love life as an detached observer recognizing and accepting human nature as a constant that he needs to manipulate or move between to survive and thrive. But if necessary - and as seen a few seasons ago - he can respond to the violence of the moment with thought, instinct and ruthlessness to match or exceed any other gangster.

    He is one of TV most interesting and most fully developed character.
    Well written and quite right on all counts I believe. He is fully developed and well drawn.... even more so than Tony Soprano if you ask me. It has been a pleasure watching Nucky over the years.

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    Nah, it's all about the blood.

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