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Thread: BOARDWALK EMPIRE (HBO) - Everything you wanted to bootleg about the Show!

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    Uggggg, please let the finale be better than tonights show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpsburg View Post
    I am not 100% convinced Chalky is dead. We did not see it happen so I cannot give up hope that Narcisse's hit men were bought by someone else. A girl can hope!
    I thought about this too. If true, it's a cheap plot device and at this late in the game I almost hope it is not the case. BE has run it's course and should go out with dignity.
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    Ah Micky if you had just keep your mouth shut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wiser Hatter View Post

    Ah Micky if you had just keep your mouth shut.
    Micky could NEVER keep his mouth shut... well Charlie shut it for em. Problem was I was finally startin' to like the guy a leetle bit.

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