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Thread: Vintage Family Photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlo View Post
    My father and Grandfather photographed around 1915, near Hampton, Oregon.
    My grandfather was killed 3 years after this picture was taken when a wagonload of lumber he was hauling rolled over on a mountain road near Bend, Oregon.

    A picture from a community hike to the top of Glass Butte, which was aboit 5 miles due North of the little collection of homesteads called Stauffer, Oregon that my father's family had settled in after moving West from Wisconsin.
    My aunt Mary is on the far right, and my aunt Nell is in the center, wearing a dress made out of the same material as Mary's dress.
    Glass Butte is so named because it's composed mostly of volcanic obsidian.

    Life in the Oregon High Desert was harsh, and after my grandfather was killed, the family moved around Oregon for 10 years or so, then eventually ended up in Pasadena California, so my father could attend Cal Tech in 1928.
    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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    Here is one of my Dad on his first car after the war.

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    I can't get enough of these photos. They're fantastic, and thank you all for sharing them.

    I was very taken with the pictures of PoppyHeart's grandmother and "great-grandpaca" (sic).

    Poppy's grandmother and mine could have been identical twins. Wish I had a photo of my grandmother, because the resemblance is spooky.

    Couldn't resist a bit of minor surgery on Great-Grandpaca's handsome mug. If she sees this, I hope PoppyHeart won't mind.



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    Here's a pic of my late grandparents Juan and Angela Soto humble farmers/ share croppers and imigrants to NY, originally from Utuado & Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
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