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Thread: Music to fill an ipod with

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    Music to fill an ipod with

    I am looking to fill an ipod with music from the 30's and 40's. Any suggestions.

    The more the merrier.. title.. artist.. or both will do.

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    Go have a listen at Thank me later
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    From my very own iPod:

    Lee Wiley
    Boswell Sisters
    Billy Murray
    Al Bowlly
    Annette hanshaw
    Ben Selvin
    Bea Wain
    Dorothy Lamour
    Chick Bullock
    Dick Powell
    Duke Ellington
    Harry Roy
    Lucienne Boyer
    Kate Smith
    Jane Green
    Ruth Etting
    The Wallace Trio
    Muggsy Spanier
    Connee Boswell
    Benny Goodman
    Both Dorsey brothers
    Ted Lewis
    Ted Weems
    Rudy Vallee

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    Have a listen at for lots of ideas.

    And thank Fletch later. Toe-tapping tunes of the 1920s, '30s, and '40s. Yesterday's T-shirts, today!

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    British 1930s dancehall jazz bands (I mostly find them softer and dreamier than their US counterparts of the same period)
    Ray Noble,
    Al Bowlly,
    Lew Stone,
    Henry Hall,
    Bert Ambrose,
    Billy Cotton,
    Jack Hylton,
    Harry Roy
    (A great compilation of the above is the 3-disk, 70-track set Pennies from Heaven - music from the BBC TV series)

    Django Reinhardt,
    Stéphane Grappelli,

    Duke Ellington (his small group stuff from the 30s is great)
    Fletcher Henderson
    Teddy Wilson
    Raymond Scott
    Coleman Hawkins
    Benny Goodman
    Artie Shaw
    Jan Garber
    Art Tatum
    Lionel Hampton
    Hoagy Carmichael
    Jimmie Lunceford
    Earl Hines
    Bunny Berigan
    Eddie Lang

    Naturally, many of the above didn't record albums as such - many just recorded 'sides' that were later compiled. The Chronogical Classic series is a good one that collates these recordings, but there are lots of compilations.

    Nice compilations:
    from Robert Crumb's collection: That's What I Call Sweet Music
    Beethoven Wrote It... But It Swings - Swingin' Classics

    Movie Soundtracks:
    Erich Wolfgang Korngold - Robin Hood / Captain Blood, etc.
    Miklos Rozsa - Double Indemnity / Spellbound / The Lost Weekend, etc.
    Max Steiner - King Kong / Casablanca / Gone with the Wind, etc
    Franz Waxman - Rebecca / Suspicion / Bride of Frankenstein, etc
    Cliffhangers - Music from the Republic serials

    Interesting classical with jazz links:
    Shostakovich - Jazz Suites
    Stravinsky - Preludium for Jazz Band and Ebony Concerto for clarinet and jazz band (Benny Goodman was the 1st to record the latter)

    Faithful recreations:
    The Beau Hunks - Leroy Shields' music for the Laurel and Hardy shorts (I love this stuff!)

    Way out there:
    Charlie and his Orchestra - a Nazi-sponsored German propaganda swing band created by jazz-hating (in fact, everything-hating) propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels
    The Caretaker - a contemporary IDM electronica artist who uses 1920s and 30s 78rpm records to create ambient, moody, spooky music-scapes.
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    On Sunday nights Rich Conaty does his "Big Broadcast" radio show on WFUV in New York. He streams it as well:

    It's all music from the 20's through the 40's. He publishes his play lists too. If you like you can always record the streams so that you can listen to them on your ipod.

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    I like Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher." I also like Duke Ellington's "Caravan."

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