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Thread: Fishermen's sweaters site

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebonysw45 View Post
    He said in my case as it was too wide and too long and I quote. soak the body of the Gansey upto the armpits in a bath,sink etc,.of COLD WATER , remove and SQUEEZE SQUEEEEEZ E out as much water by hand as you can.
    then lay it flat on a towel and leave to dry in that position,
    dont pull it around and it will 'come in' . in both the length and the width. I have found through an online search that the best way to squeeze out the water is not to wring the jumper but to wrap it in a towel and compress the towel to remove the water, wringing is apparently bad.
    Thanks! I need to snug up mine a bit, too.

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    It's almost June, but here in the UK it is still quite cold and I am wearing one of my Sou'West Chunkies today.

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