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Thread: Vintage Finds and Deals - How This Works

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    Vintage Finds and Deals - How This Works

    This is the place to link to items you've found that may be of interest to other loungers. Auctions, special sales, unique items - things that might help members complete their collections of books, music, clothes, furniture, WWII gear, etc.

    For example: Here are some WWII type shoelaces.

    and this great book about the early Amos & Andy series is wonderful. Found on

    See some cool china on the net that has an Art Deco feel? Share it here. A good source for leather whip belts? Someone have a sale on Spectator shoes? Spot a bunch of cool heavy vintage looking blankets at Zappos have some great peep toes?

    Please always include links, and have fun! Remember, links to your own items for sale go in the Classifieds section.

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    Great idea for a new forum!!!

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    Thanks, BW. We've had a lot of requests for it over the years.

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