We just love the mystery and intrigue that surrounds this 53,000-square foot (yes, you read that right) Hollywood Hills house that once functioned as a secret research facility for the military. Now a private residence, it is listed for sale at $6.3 million.

This is one of those legendary properties where it's hard to say which parts of the legend are true and which have grown in a way that only Hollywood can grow stories. But according to Sotheby's listing agent Brett Lawyer and some Internet sites, the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station was built in 1941 as the main WWII West Coast air-defense and radar-communications headquarters. It was turned into a research facility for the atom bomb by the military a few years later. Top generals and consultants worked here and visited, and it was all very hush-hush.

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Nuclear tests were filmed in Cinemascope, stereophonic sound, VistaVision, and even 3-dimensional photography, using all of the latest advances in film making. Lookout Mountain studio produced more than 6,500 films for the Atomic Energy Commission, and other government agencies. Many of these films are classified, but atmospheric test films that are declassified may be viewed at www.nv.doe.gov