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Thread: Styles for Asian backgrounds

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    You're welcome, PP.

    Feel free to post whatever questions and queries you might have.

    Sadly, I feel like I should be able to contribute more to this thread than I have. For all her working life, my grandmother (see the photo above), was a professional tailor, from the late 1940s to the late 1970s. Roughly 30-40 years. Here is my grandfather's business-card with the name of his business, and my grandmother's shop, printed on it:

    Grandpa worked at a photography studio. Grandma worked at the Kam Seng Beauty Parlour (it shared a building with her tailor's shop. 'Kam Seng' is Cantonese. It means 'Golden Star').

    This is the same grandmother last year, a couple of months before she died. That's me next to her in the blue

    I wish I had asked her more about her earlier life when I had the chance. Mostly, she taught me about the War. I guess you don't remember much else at 97.

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    As a hapa, one of my major style icons coming up in the Socal swing scene was, and still is Bernard S.

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