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Thread: 9mm or 45cal

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    I have been liking 40 cal more and more. Almost as easy to carry as a 9 mm and almost as powerful as a 45 cal.

    I would never fire a warning shot as a bullet should be fired being mindful of where the bullet will go if it passes through.

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    I found these to funny quotes! “People who have been shot with a 9 mm have been known to get angry and resort to violent behavior.” and “A 9 mm may expand, but a .45 never shrinks.”
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    Whatever caliber one chooses just make sure you practice a lot with the same ammo you are going to carry. I don`t know how many times I have seen people fire hundreds of rounds of ball ammo with never a misfeed and then load up with very expensive hollowpoints such as Talon to carry for defense not knowing weather or not the Talons will feed properly in their automatic. I still prefer my Colt Python 357 as it will feed anything including blanks for first shot warning.
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    This thread has been going on for a long time. 9mm vs 45, It all depends on the bullet, FMJ, I will take the 45, thinking a bigger hole going in and all the way is better. Good hollow points, the higher velocity 9mm may open better, but still will not wind up as big as the 45 and still will not cause as much tissue damage. A couple of years ago someone mentioned newer bullets in the 380 were almost as good as a 45. I just do not see how, they are very lightweight usually less than 100 gr, and even if they expand, due to lower velocity will not cause as much damage or transmit as much energy as a higher velocity 9mm or 45. Most 380's are blowback action, not delayed recoil as 9mm and 45 thus kick quicker and harder and are harder to handle in small guns.

    If size is not an issue I like my full size 1911 or the Browning HP. If dressed a little lighter, a compact 45 is ok, for summer a S&W titanium light, hammerless ( double action) 38 special is carried in my pocket. The 38 is better than a 380 in my opinion, although that very light j frame is a handful with +p ammo for defensive loads. It is definetly a belly gun, not a long range gun.

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    A"warning shot", even if using blanks, is an extremely bad idea.

    Modern defense ammunition has significantly reduced the difference of terminal performance between 9mm/.38 spl and .45acp.
    Carry the weapon with which you are most proficent. Accuracy is paramount, caliber is secondary.
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    I generally carry a revolver rather than an auto. That said, I must mention a positively delightful gun chambered for .45. At least, I find it a delight to shoot. That gun is the Para-Ordnance P10-45, later called the Warthog. I have large hands so I can only get two fingers around the grip. I curl my little finger below it. When I shoot it there's hardly any felt recoil; it just rocks up and back. I know that this is a function of the short grip because I have magazines with an extended grip which allows me to fully grip the gun. When I do that it's no different from firing any other 1911. I'm not saying that others should do this because choice of gun as well as chambering is subjective. However, it's worth an examination. It's available in a 9mm iteration as well.

    There have been so many bullet designs for both of these rounds that any realistic comparison is probably impossible. For any given gun, recoil is less when chambered for the 9mm. The 9mm is a supersonic round, however. When the user must draw and fire quickly with no time to use hearing protection recovery time for hearing can be quite lengthy. The .45, a subsonic round, doesn't have this problem.

    As far as stopping power is concerned, either should be adequate. I'm not trying to capture him; I'm just trying to stop him from hurting me or mine.

    My everyday carry is a Smith & Wesson Model 638 in my right pants pocket with no holster. I prefer the shrouded hammer to the fully enclosed hammer because it allows me to fire single action. I load two Magsafes and three 125 grain hollowpoints. In cold weather when I wear a jacket I have a Model 640 in the right pocket with no holster. The ammo is the same type but .357 magnum.

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    One of the handguns I carry is the alloy framed P12-45. After some throat & trigger work I finally talked my range buddy into selling it to me years ago(in a weak moment). When he bought it new and I fired it..the accuracy of that particular pistol in my hand at 25 yards was incredible. I have several .45s in different sizes (Colt..Para..and a few custom)..but this smaller pistol out shoots them all. One of those guns that only come along very rarely.

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