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Thread: Need opinions on this: Dresser used as sideboard?

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    Need opinions on this: Dresser used as sideboard?

    I've seen on various sites where people have re-purposed bedroom clothes dressers as a sideboard/buffet/credenza etc.

    some examples:

    Our apartment is being repainted and the oak floors are being redone. It's a 1938 building in a historic landmark neighborhood (first garden apartments in the US opened here around WWI era). My wife refinished her grandmother's dresser and chest of drawers set for the bedroom - they have a mahogany veneer and date from ca. 1940 (they were a wedding gift) so they do kind of fit in.

    My own dresser was a freebie from someone I helped move about 25 years ago - it looks like ca. 1960 to me; limed mahogany veneer, partial solid wood definitely could use a refinish and it does NOT go with the BR stuff so we were thinking of putting it either in the living room or perhaps as a buffet next to the dining table.

    I think it kinda looks too cheesy and because it has no legs, it screams 'dresser', as opposed to older, better quality dressers with distinct legs that can pull off this new role. Also, not to be a snob, but I really kind of hate veneers. I'd like to chuck this, my wife thinks it could work.

    What do the Loungers think?
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