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Thread: Show Us Vintage GERMAN Suits

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    Very interesting finds, Papperskatt! It reminds me when my grand-parents used to live in the large family dwelling, a very ancient country-hous that our ancestors populated since the first centuries of Middle Age. Well, there was a large attic and there were wardrobes full of old clothing, surely pre-war; I remember that I used to read the different name in each label, to know how many relatives had lived there. Sadly these and many other older things were donated to a charity organisation back in 1996, during a restore of the house, when I was only a child.

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    Papperskatt, this is very exciting! Congratulations that some of the finds even fit you.
    The DB short coat is nice and certainly quite old.

    As to the stitched numbers... I have seen dates on German suits stitched in exactly that manner.

    Now if you find anything wearable in size 38-40 Long(ish) let me know. ;-)

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    Love the short d/b jacket!
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