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Thread: Show Us Vintage GERMAN Suits

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    I think there is an entire thread on Stresemann/Stroller suits somewhere on the FL.
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    J.B., perhaps you got the idea of a shorter length from knowing that there was a period when German jackets tended to be quite short - in the early 30s.

    Another trouser pattern for strollers is the glencheck, properly in black-and-white with no colored overcheck in it.
    The jacket ideally has welted (unflapped) pockets, and the trousers for strollers are properly uncuffed, although Esquire mentions the short-lived appearance of cuffed trousers in the early/mid 30s.

    The pattern of the famous "striped pants" for formal and informal daywear is called cashmere stripe, by the way. There must have been more than 100 or 200 different patterns for cashmere stripes alone.

    The DB stroller is a nice way of wearing informal daywear without standing out as much as the SB variety with waistcoat would do.

    You mean this one, TT?

    Oh, and there are a few strollers in Section V: Formal and semi-formal, both day and evening of the Esquire thread.
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    Thank you, everyone! What I meant by shorter jacket was just a lounge jacket in general, instead of a tailcoat or a cutaway coat. I should have been more clear, although the lounge jacket that I mentioned is also shorter by design, single-breasted and having been made around 1963 in Yugoslavia. It may not be a German suit, but I thought that the concept of the Stresemann was enough that I would post about it here. Apparently, you are right, it is linked to stroller attire in general, as well. When it comes to following the conventions of the stroller/Stresemann, I think the only fault of my suit coat is that it has those subtle maroon or burgundy pinstripes in the fabric, although to me, it is certainly a welcome feature that makes it distinct, in addition to being the suit that my grandfather wore getting married. Now, I am also going to try to find a dove grey or a cream colored waistcoat in the future.
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