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Thread: Wearing my Fedora for the first time any advice

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    I was in high school at the time (I wore my fedora for the first time), got a number of compliments from the people who mattered (to me) and that was that.

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    people are stupid and would rather walk around in the elements becoming drenched from rain sleet, snow etc or burned by the sun than wear something that pop-culture does not label as "cool or hip" so long as it pairs well with you just wear it. most people probably wish they had a real hat.

    Quote Originally Posted by feralwaves View Post
    I bought a Borsalino fedora while studying abroad in Firenze for college five years ago. First time wearing it was on the plane ride home, as there was no room in my luggage and I didn't want to roll it up for travel even though I supposedly can. I got lots of stares from my fellow twenty-year-olds classmates seeing me with it on for the first time, then two comments:

    Guy: "F***ing sharp hat!" big smile
    Girl: "Hey, Cowboy!" bigger smile (even though it looks nothing like a cowboy hat)
    Most girls smiled and struck up random conversations with me after that.
    Random passenger on the plane: "Why don't you take off your hat?" After my explanation that I was breaking it in for the first time: "It really is beautiful."

    I have heard "The man with the Hat!" once, even though it looks nothing like an Indy fedora.

    A week ago, I wore it to the mall and had a man stare, whistle, and say, "Wow, what a hat! Eliot Ness ... The Untouchables."

    The point is that people who just stare and say nothing aren't brave enough to compliment you.

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    Well in response to wearing my Fedora for the first time....

    A great find from the big box of pictures I never knew my mother had saved....

    I WAS wearing this Fedora about 60 years ago..

    My First Fedora .....

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    Ordinary guy, Great pic. I have a similar one from about 1956, probably Easter. If I had a scanner, I'd post it. Walt

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    O.G., What a great find.
    Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult

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