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Thread: German magazine scans 1940s

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    I suspect they're wearing the same boots under the breeches. I've seen these a few times. Maybe they were meant for situations where the flexibility of jodhpurs was needed but with less chance of wearing or riding up like on horseback. Motoring, motorcycling, rambling, etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flat Foot Floey View Post

    @Hepville: Yes, der goldene Schnitt. I heard about it. My girlfriend just sold a 70s version. Is it easy to work with?
    This might be interesting for people who sew (sorry, it's german):
    Easy or not... it depends on how skilled you are I would say.
    Me personally donīt like the whole system of enlarging the patterns from those small cards to the needed size... but the plus against the ordinary one-size-vintage patterns is that it is a multisize system. I have two complete sets/ books from it and I mostly use them as a reference for shapes/ designs of collars, pockets and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flat Foot Floey View Post

    For Boys
    Here's a boys elasticated 'belt-back' from Germany. It's from the 195os film The Divided Heart:

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