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Thread: Edward G. Robinson Films

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    Yes, yes, yes to all of the above. But to really understand who Edward G. Robinson was, you have to see "Little Caesar". The film had an impact far beyond the actual merits of the film.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LizzieMaine View Post
    Five Star Final -- EGR as the editor of a MacFaddenesque scandal tabloid who becomes disillusioned by the excesses of trash journalism. A searing pre-code film with an outstanding Robinson performance.
    Definitely in my top 5 favourite Edward G. Films - with all of the modern films with all of their f-bombs or what have you every 5 seconds, the ending is an example of the dramatic power of a well-placed expletive! (With an appearance by George E. Stone, wonderful and strangely forgotten character actor.)

    I also love Scarlet Street (even though by all accounts he absolutely hated it), where he gets to play his "soft side", and I have a real soft spot for Dark Hazard (Edward G. Robinson plus greyhounds - who could ask for anything more?!)

    I'm amazed they haven't released a box set for this gentleman, or re-released more of his Pre-Codes...
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    "Woman in the Window" is also one of my favorites. "Bullets or Ballots" is great. "Slight Case of Murder" is stupid fun.

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    He was good to the end. His character in Soylent Green was one of my favorite things about that movie. Frank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benzadmiral View Post
    We've been told for years there was an alternate ending filmed to "Double Indemnity," one in which Robinson's character, Keyes, who earlier thought of MacMurray's Walter Neff as a kind of surrogate son, watches the latter go to the gas chamber for the murder he and Phyllis (Barbara Stanwyck) committed. I've seen at least one still from it. Is that scene available anywhere -- as an extra on a DVD issue?

    I'd also read that Robinson got in touch with James M. Cain, the author of the novel, to ask about Cain writing more stories or a screenplay about Keyes the dogged insurance investigator. I think Cain declined, or maybe just never got around to writing a screenplay with Keyes as the detective. Think how sharp that would have been! ("The little man inside is talking, and I'd better listen. . . .")
    As far as I know, there is no version available with the original ending. Regarding more stories about Keyes, that would have been very interesting. Besides Double Indemnity, I really like Robinson's performances in The Stranger, Scarlet Street, Soylent Green, and Little Caesar.
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