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Thread: New Arrival: Aero A-2 oil pull

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    Great(!!!) jacket! I love it and the fit is excellent. You look very smart in it and the rest of your attire is a dead match for the jacket. Good jeans and boots too!!

    Is OilPullLeather thicker, as the standart midweight leather, used in the Aero A2's?
    Yes!. Imagine a slightly lighter and a little more pliable FQHH...

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    [QUOTE=JanSolo;1427444]Great(!!!) jacket! I love it and the fit is excellent. You look very smart in it and the rest of your attire is a dead match for the jacket. Good jeans and boots too!!

    .... absolutely agree with Jan - congrat!
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    Jan/Windward, thanks for the compliments on the jacket and the rest of my attire, the jeans are Levi vintage 1967 505s, the boots are Red Wings. I am still trying to make up my mind whether to wear the collar snapped down or unsnapped, think it depends on whether I am wearing a shirt with a collar underneath or one without such as a t-shirt. Today I was wearing a button down collar so left it unsnapped.

    As for the fit of the A-2, I think that it is perfect, however it is the second jacket Aero sent me, the original one was far too short so it went back to them. I also took this opportunity to change my mind on the original order once again, swapping the material from seal jerky to oil pull. In fact the original order I placed was for a fifties half belt deluxe in brown FQHH but I changed my mind thinking it would be too similar to my cordovan FQHH Highwayman.

    I am a little surprised at just how quickly the oil pull wears in, before I amended my order I searched on the threads on this forum so was aware of this characteristic but wasn't expecting it to show after a couple of days.

    The long suffering Mrs Smoz (a non-leather wearing veggie) likes the jacket though she did say that she thought the lining was a bit dull compared to the tweed on my Highwayman. This wasn't been intended as a faithful recreation of an original but as far as I am concerned the mustard coloured lining is a must.
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    Very nice A-2 and a good fit too - enjoy!

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    Yah, that jacket rocks. Score! Also yah you gotta go with the mustard lining in an Aero A-2.
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