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Thread: 1941 Dated DB Belted Back Jacket

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Hall View Post
    i was the $250 bid.
    it sucks being the one behind the winner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herringbonekid View Post
    it sucks being the one behind the winner.
    Absolutely! Being way behind - or even the last one - is sometimes not half as bad as being second in line.

    Pretend that you owe me nothing and all the world is green.

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    Yes, though as a silver lining, it's like $250.00 I've gifted myself with all of a sudden, which ain't so bad. I tried to be all scientific about it too - I'd watched several similar sport coats come and go for a/b $200.00. Naively hypothesized that adding 50.00 on top would assure me victory. Alas, no such thing exists on the ebayz...


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