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Thread: Stone's Ginger Joe

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    Stone's Ginger Joe

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried this beverage and what they thought of it? Plus is it possible to get it in The States?

    It piqued my interest since I enjoy ginger drinks and thought this one interesting.


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    Hi Dan

    Is a Ginger Ale, or a Ginger Beer? Oddly enough, I love most Ginger Ale and can't stand Ginger Beer.


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    It appears to be a 4%bv alcoholic ginger beer. Not seen it in the shops though I see Tesco sells the stuff.

    I've had a few bottles of the Crabbie's version which has been going for a few years. Quite nice as a summer drink when chilled but couldn't drink many of them! Not the strength, just a bit claggy tasting for me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1961MJS View Post
    Hi Dan

    Is a Ginger Ale, or a Ginger Beer? Oddly enough, I love most Ginger Ale and can't stand Ginger Beer.

    Assume you don't have a sweet tooth, then? IME, the biggest difference is that ginger beer tends to be much sweeter. I prefer the latter myself, but I like both. Also my mixer of choice with whiskey, rum, and gin.
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    Lidl have a good range of Crabbie's booze at the moment - Ginger beer, Orange-Ginger beer, ginger wine, ready mixed whisky Mac, and something else that escapes me at the moment. Bargain prices - but I should say that the ready mixed whisky Mac (17%) is a pale comparison to a properly done one. My mixer of choice being  ginger wine when used in a 50-50 ratio :-)
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