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Thread: Done and Done. Lost Worlds Buco Ryder White Elkhide

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    Hey Lando:

    That is a fine looking LW Ryder. Do you ride? Just curious how the Elk would hold up over time used on a motorcycle. I have an Elk hide jacket as well and you are correct about the leather being thicker than deer and comfortable to wear. I use my for business trips without the bike. It is a Jl Powell jacket that i picked up on extreme sale.
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    Looks cool! Post a few pics when it is a bit creased up, that is worn in, and has a little road patina to go with it. Hey, I said road patina, not gravel rash

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    Yeah thats a beauty! I would love to see it on, you can just cut out your head if you want to stay anonymous.
    I would like to see the back.

    Unless its the only jacket one owns I think that color is a really good choice!

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    Awesome jacket, totally awesome. Any wear pics? Also may I ask how the jacket ordered measured up? I would like to achieve one of those but am wondering about the sizing. I wish they had all the standard measurements listed to give an idea of the actual fit against labeled size.

    oh shoot...1 year old post, oh well.

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    Stunning hide and colour. I quite fancy something in a similar hide myself. Puts me in mind of the "Summer Halfbelt" Aero did a few years ago.
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    Tis nice, but I can guarantee you that if I was to ever get something in that colour, the first time I stepped outside with it on, a passing pack of friendly dogs fresh from a good swim would make a bee-line for me.
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    that must have darkened up quite a bit by now, I would have thought. Any recent pics?

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    Pics of you wearing it are needed

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    You guys must be some seriously cool motherslappers to pull these jackets off that I see posted here.

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    Not the best picture but I'll get better ones up soon. The leather shows very little wear to be honest, and I will admit that I have avoided rain but not much else. I have a lot of jackets, like many of us here, so I tend to cycle through and that means I just don't get the wear on some of my jackets others might in the same time. But I still love the damn thing and don't regret a cent that I spent on it. As for pulling things off; I just wear whatever I feel like and don't really care what anyone else thinks.

    I am planning on putting a layer of neatsfoot oil on soon around the inside band of leather that rubs against my jeans. Some of the indigo's rubbed off on the cream elkhide, which doesn't bother me much based on the fact it's on the inside of the jacket and hey, that's life. I figure I'll neatsfoot this inside band and see if it darkens the leather a little, making the indigo stains not so noticeable. If I like the way it darkens the tone, and it doesn't mess with the overall feel of the leather, I might just do the whole jacket. We'll see though, got to let that oil sit a few days and soak in and dry.

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