Hat Khaki Fur Felt

I have just posted the following item on EBay and felt it might be of interest to Loungers.

An issued slouch hat (the iconic Australian service hat with a broad brim, pinned on one side against the crown and worn with the characteristic 'bash' in the crown). First worn by the Victorian Mounted Rifles in 1885 and throughout both world wars by the Australian serviceman the "Digger".

Top quality felt hat produced in 1991 by John Bardsley Hats of Picton, New South Wales (who have manufactured high quality felt hats since 1903 and supplied slouch hats for the Australian defence forces).

Four ventilation grommets, leather hat band, marked with the manufacturer's name and size and bound brim.

Complete with pale green, pleated puggaree, Royal Australian Regiment badge (kangaroo and crossed rifles) and The Australian Army badge (sunburst and crown). The leather strap has been damaged at one end, but can be fixed easily.

In excellent condition - no stains, no holes, no smells.

From a smoke-free home.