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Thread: Doc Savage

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeKardec View Post
    ....Possibly Doc needs to populate a hyper 1930s pseudo reality like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow ... now THAT would be a lot of fun.
    Yes. I think that would be the way to go. If they do a Doc Savage movie I hope they get a Director that can do it real justice.....not holding my breath on that one.

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    The Arizona Doc Savage convention is this week-end.
    I'll be there. Anyone else?

    The Wolf
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    Wow, did that bring back memories. Used to eat up those books when I was around 13. Earl

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    Doc expert Will Murray has been writing new Doc tales that are great fun:
    "...back in the Thirties, the style seeker learned that genuine stylishness was an extension of himself..." AF

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    I still have a few - my son-in-law is storing several hundred of my vintage sci fi. I'll have to go into the archives and see what's left.

    As for DesertDan's comments, if you ever read the original Allan Quatermain novels, then watched the movies, you'll see the worst case scenario of poor directing, writing and acting... but that's only one person's opinion.

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    It's funny how James Bama, the artist who did most of those 1960s Bantam paperback covers for the DS series, used that particular model for a lot of his paintings in that era, Doc Savage or not. I think the guy was an actor who did the old Flash Gordon series but I'm not sure if I have that right. Bama went on to do a lot of western stuff both book covers and fine art.

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