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Thread: Whiskey

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    I'm a big fan of single malt Scotches. My wife bought me a bottle of Laphroaig 10 year cask strength a couple of years ago, and whoah-nelly, Was it good! I like Talisker and Ardbeg as well, but I really like the peaty, smokey, slightly salty goodness of Laphroaig. If you haven't had a chance to try that one, try it out sometime.

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    tony, if you like the peaty yumness of Laphroaig then give Lagavulin. Lagavulin is slightly less peaty but fuller.

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    Jack Daniels Silver Select.

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    I lean more towards Bourbons myself. In order of preference:

    1. Eagle Rare (anyone else like this??)
    2. Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select
    3. Maker's Mark.

    I need to give Knob Creek a whirl.

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    northeast us

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    I'm also a fan of American bourbons, but I think that the Irish regulars are better, their sweet is close to perfection ( not speaking of high-end whiskies, from both sides ). Cheers !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
    I hope no one minds my putting in of one without an "e".

    I love whisky and most of all single malts. My favourites tend to be the Islay malts with Laphroaig and Ardbeg being particularly special to me.
    Scotland and Canada prefer to make whisky, Ireland and the US whiskey. I have no idea why! Any other regional preferences? Is there a reason for the spelling difference?

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    When I did drink American was Gentleman Jack. Foreign was Bushmills Black label or twenty year old Jameson.
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    Currently I have Five different types in my cabinet

    Crown Royal: It is big here in Texas , but I have it because it was my fatherís favorite drink and when I am missing him I will have some and listen to Sinatra

    Johnny Walker Black : My good basic scotch. Nothing to fancy

    Jameson 18year reserve: This was a birthday present from my eldest son. I would never spend $100 on a bottle of booze

    Single Malt Scotch: Not sure the brand, I am not a single malt guy , I think it lacks depth of flavor, but a friend said it was excellent and brought me a bottle when he came over for dinner.

    Makers Mark : This is the first time I bought it and I like it but will continue looking for different types of bourbon.

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    I'm open to trying almost any kind of brown liquor at least once. When I'm buying it for myself, though, I look for a seven year old (or older) straight sour mash bourbon. I also prefer the lower proofs...the minimum 80 being ideal...because I tend to drink and not sip.

    For daily relaxation, I like Makers Mark or Jim Beam Black. I like them because they have a dry, toasted-grain taste that appeals to me. I really don’t much care for sweeter bourbons like Knob Creek and Elijah Craig…but that is just me. I know that they are both excellent brands. For special occasions, I keep a bottle of Blanton's or Russell’s Reserve in the cabinet. But I have to sip those high-end brands. At 90 proof, they’ve got a bit more horsepower than my normal drink.

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