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Thread: Correspondence - Find a Pen Pal

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    Well, I too am a "fountian pen snob" and might be interested in sending some letters back & forth. My handwriting is nice, but practice is always a good thing!

    Another place you can really get in touch with people is the Fountain Pen Network. ( ) Here is a link to the forum you are looking for. We have a lot of members who pen-pal back and forth.

    If you want to exchange, drop me a PM... I have never done it via paper & pen before, but I seem to quite often have friends all over the world via e-mail.

    It will give me a good excuse to buy some nice paper!

    PS, I almost forgot, they have a pretty good post card exchange going on too.

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    What a wonderful idea! There's nothing better than the exctiement and anticipation of expecting a letter, and writing back is even better, to be able to see the reaction of the recievers face when they recieved something you created just for them would be a romantic. I actually have stationary that I collect "incase" I ever meet someone who enjoys writing. No one writes any more, it's all emails now. It's kinda sad. There's no sentiment with emails, you can't keep an email for years and look back at it for nostalgia (well you can, but it's not the same, nothing beats an actual physical letter, or as I see it, a record of a time in your life that brings back memories.......sigh so how do I get this rolling? Is there a list? I'm in!
    If any one can tell me how to get started I would appreciate it. Thanks much!

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    The isolated recluse in me would love to get in on this, but the paranoid professional is unsure about name and address being released willy-nilly without proper vetting and clearancing (the way I guard my secrets makes the Pentagon look wide open--I did say 'paranoid', didn't I?), even among members of the same board--along with the fact that my handwriting makes "atrocious" look good...
    "Sometimes there are no words, no clever quotes..."--Aaron Hotchner
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    I would be interested in writing and receiving personal correspondence. I have not yet, however, mastered the fountain pen and my penmanship is probably as bad as Mr. Diamondback's, or worse. John
    "Attention is the rarest and purist form of generosity" -Simone Weil

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    Guest is there a list? Or am I too late???

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    I'm IN!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up OOO!!!

    Me too! Me too!!! I always want to write handwrittend letters but people don't write me back... they like email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violeta is there a list? Or am I too late???

    There was a list compiled at one time. I've been corresponding regularly with one of my pen pals, and on and off with another, for a couple years now. It is really nice to write and receive a letter every so often, and looking in the mail to see if a letter has arrived is part of the fun.

    I would be glad to exchange letters with anyone interested. Drop me a PM with your contact information if you would like, and I promise I'll write back.

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    Ive just found this post!
    Id love to write to anyone who wants?
    I had a few pen pals when i was in the Army, its lovely getting letters as aoposed to bills! and being privlaged to get glimses of how others lives are...
    Pm me with your address and ill gladly send a letter in the post!

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    This sounds interesting! But I can't help feeling that I would be awful bad at replying or that I wouldn't have anything to say

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