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Thread: Show us your vintage home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fashion frank View Post
    Installed this about two weeks ago ,what a difference it made in the look of the room since we picked up all this vintage furniture.

    All the Best ,Fashion Frank
    Looks good! There is something about crystal chandlers that just says elegant!
    Four wheels move your Body, Two wheels move your Soul.

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    The chandelier really goes well with the whole look of the place Frank. Nice work.

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    I agree. I love chandeliers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespowers View Post
    I could use the Havaheart traps and let them loose in the hills---where they belong.
    "What works great for those situations is hornet spray. It sprays over 20 feet and they don't like it one bit"

    In IL you have to be a professional trapper to legally trap them. In northern IL there are so many skunks and raccoons that the pro trappers cannot legally relocate them (although they don't tell you that). They are required to "eliminate" them by one of the approved state of IL methods.

    Your comment about the hornet spray had me LOL. I drove a rather obstinate one out from under my deck by pouring ammonia on him. Never thought to try hornet spray. I'll have to give that a try. Fall and spring is when I have troubles with them. In the fall the yearlings are looking for a winter home. In the spring the females are looking for a place to raise their litters.

    In ten years, they have done over $1000 worth of damage to my house. That's why I hate the things.

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    Very nice, Frank. Looks great!
    Harv Smith

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