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Thread: Vinyl record sales increasing

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    Vinyl record sales increasing

    Vinyl record sales increasing? Yup. Many of the new bands are making vinyl LPs and 45s again. And, sweeping new vinyl reissue programs of classic jazz, rock, pop albums. Thoughts? Anyone else noticed this? If we can get them to bring back 78s...

    Even picked up a few, when I recently started listening more & actually finding some modern bands I like: LOVE that "new record smell" when you first open the shrinkwrap, it's the closest thing I have to a chemical dependency. ("No man, you gotta hold it in...")


    Records' time to spin again: Vinyl albums make a comeback with younger music listeners

    Back in the groove: record industry is returning to the days of vinyl

    Don't call it comeback

    British Are Serious About Their Vinyl (Vinyl Comeback or Nevergone?)
    (Noticed many of the singles, even American bands, are marked as made in the UK - explains the small center holes)

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    Behind the 8 ball,..

    Now that I've painstakingly built up my CD collection over the last 13 years!

    Records are coming back!

    Oh well, I still have a few of the more collectable LPs from my collection in a box somewhere.
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    I don't have a lot of new records (mainly old ones), but one I did get was Brian Wilson's SMiLE album, on extremely high-quality vinyl, and it sounds fantastic. You forget how good a vinyl record can sound if you're just used to scratchy oldies.

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    This is good to see. I still buy records from time to time (always used, though, not new), and am constantly listening to records from my father's LP and 45 collection. Vinyl records definitely have more soul than a CD, tape, or an MP3.

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    More soul, yes. But they are bloody annoying to deal with. LPs get scratched if you look at them wrong, and they are hard to store and hard to play single tracks from.

    78rpm records are much better.

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    Yes, if only it were possible to get new 78s! It would likely be too expensive to produce them in large amounts and maybe impossible to make them of the same materials...but wouldn't it be nice. As great as it is to be able to have a collection of 78s on CD, I'd take them on 78s if I had a choice. Nothing like that sound (especially when played on a tube phonograph).
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