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Thread: Show us their suits

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    Love the shirt collar story, Two Types. About the gap...maybe it is just an illusion caused by a shadow.

    Sporty brits are always a good look too (well back in the days at least)

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    You can get that separation at the gorge from the stress placed on the lapel from buttoning the jacket. Not saying it's the case here but it does happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fastuni View Post
    Do you think this was done on purpose or just bad tailoring (and nobody cared)? Is he a kind of "quirky" character in the film?

    The character is supposed to be a rich fool, but i doubt if the error on the lapel was on purpose. These low-budget British films don't seem to have paid too much attention to costume.

    Most likely it was just bad tailoring that no one noticed.
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