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1930s brown herringbone three piece suit - Savile Row

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by Two Types, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Or, as is very common with this seller, the buyer received the suit and found that it was nowhere near the condition described.

  2. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    Is that something you know from experience?
  3. Yup. And from what I'm told by other chaps who've bought from him.

    Last I bought from him was maybe 5 years ago - the 20s shirt I'm having copied - described as "a bit rough". It's Swiss cheese. No problem as I was only buying it to copy, anyways. But still, when I list on eBay I make sure that every hole is documented an photographed. I think it's in the seller's interest to do so.

  4. Not all his stuff is like that. But the occurrences are frequent enough for the seller to have a reputation amongst vintage buyers.

  5. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    Thanks. That's worth knowing.
  6. sold for £167... quite a bit less than the first time around.

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