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1940s stag films

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Quigley Brown, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. As I think you know, I'm a film nut...the more long-lost the film the better. I thought you'd might like this cute, little short....i guess it could be considered a period 'stag' film from the 1940s. I assure you...it's very tame, very silly, it's got a great soundtrack and I think you'll enjoy it. The 'story' is about two ladies and their broken down car and what they have to resort to get someone to stop and help them. I woke my dog up I laughed so hard watching it. {snip}
  2. Very funny, thanks for sharing. I think they were just hot, in that weather :rolleyes:.
  3. STHill

    STHill One of the Regulars

    That's great! I would have stopped (to help, of course).
  4. I couldn't view this...anyone else have trouble?

  5. SappySwami

    SappySwami Familiar Face

    There must have been a lot of women driving that day... :rolleyes:
  6. You have to have Quick Time installed to view it.
    Gee, I wonder what the cop has in mind? :p :p

    Regards to all,

  7. I've got QuickTime, and even ran Quicktime Updater...still no luck. :(

  8. I had a problem too at first so I just reinstalled the dang thing and it works fine now. Go figure. :p

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  9. Michaelson

    Michaelson One Too Many

    The car was the key point, right? ;) Regards. Michaelson

  10. Boy, now I really know what it means to be too old to be interested in some things. :p :p

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  11. Michaelson

    Michaelson One Too Many

    What? [huh] :cool: Regards. Michaelson
  12. The car over the women I mean. ;) :p Gee, it is worse than I thought. :p

    Regards to all,

  13. Where would a film like this have been shown? I have a degree in Film and have researched film history all my life, and well... I just don't have an answer to this one...

  14. IndianaGuybrush

    IndianaGuybrush One of the Regulars

    I'd think of this as a private collector's film. Possibly one in a collection of some well-off Hollywood producer to show off when the guys come over for some drinks and cigars. From what I understand this would have been one of the 'tamer' films that was going around in private collections back then :eek:
  15. Dr. Shocker

    Dr. Shocker One of the Regulars

    Like many of you younger guys old movies really helped influence your interest in vintage attire.....but watching a friends dad's and grandfathers stag films and blue movies as a boy reallly got me going branching my interest into pin-up and burlesque.....alot of these movies are now poping up on ebay and in antique stores.....you can also check out somthing weird videos for some great stuff (and really bizzar stuff as well)..........If you type in burlesque in the above links search you'll fine a great selection of some really old goodies....
  16. Michaelson

    Michaelson One Too Many

    :coffee: Could be, J, could be...uh, what were we talking about again? [huh] ;) High regards. Michaelson
  17. Still not working. Did you uninstall the whole thing, then reinstall? Did you reinstall from a disk or from the web site?

    I'm very curious now!

  18. I just installed the new copy over the old one. My old one had some components missing or at least that was the message I was getting. :p
    The free one works fine. I downloaded it from their website.

    Regards to all,

  19. OK, reinstalled (with iTunes)...STILL DOESN'T WORK. :rage:

    Is there a techie in the hizzouse???

  20. Geez, now that is strange. Kick it a few times. :kick: :p
    What message do you get when it comes up or does it at all?



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