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1941 Dated DB Belted Back Jacket

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by GoldenEraFan, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. had this jacket been part of a suit the price might have gone crazy; A DB belted back suit (in navy with windowpane check) sold in 2008 for $1009.
    as the trousers are missing i think this one won't go quite so high.
    great jacket though.
  2. Yes. It would certainly have had trousers originally; they would help the price. I'm seriously thinking of selling a few of mine.

  3. Fly Boy

    Fly Boy One of the Regulars

    Any of them in the 38"-40" chest category old bean?
  4. I'd all over them but I'm afraid he's a 36. Is that right?
  5. Yeah, they're all in the 36-37 range.

  6. Mr Vim

    Mr Vim One Too Many

    YOWZER! I was the top bidder on that jacket until about 1 minute left... the winning bid was $255! For that much they can have it.

    Baron, if you're thinking of selling your action backs, would you give loungers first dibs?
  7. i don't think £160 is very high for that jacket, especially as a suit version (mentioned above) went for £635 ($1009) in 2008.
    that thing is a piece of sculpture. look at the nipped waist.
  8. Yeah, that's a reasonable price.

    I would, of course, be selling the suits in Classifieds here.

  9. Patrick Hall

    Patrick Hall A-List Customer

    i was the $250 bid. Nuts. Hope a nameless lounger won it! BK I also am a 36, and will certainly place myself in the running for first PM if any of your excellent collection come up for sale.

  10. it sucks being the one behind the winner. [huh]
  11. Absolutely! Being way behind - or even the last one - is sometimes not half as bad as being second in line. ;)
  12. Patrick Hall

    Patrick Hall A-List Customer

    Yes, though as a silver lining, it's like $250.00 I've gifted myself with all of a sudden, which ain't so bad. I tried to be all scientific about it too - I'd watched several similar sport coats come and go for a/b $200.00. Naively hypothesized that adding 50.00 on top would assure me victory. Alas, no such thing exists on the ebayz...


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