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303 squadron movie

Discussion in 'WWII' started by kowalski, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. kowalski

    kowalski Practically Family

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  2. Let's hope it has subtitles so I can follow the story as the trailer leaves me wanting to watch it.
  3. kowalski

    kowalski Practically Family

    Yes, it is priorytet imho , let's hope, I will write to them and ask

    Production is a big boom in the UK. A press conference on the film will soon take place in London. This month Alexander Sparrow, who in the movie "Squadron 303" takes on the role of captain. Jan Kazimierz Daszewski, met in the UK with a family of Polish pilots, which supports the emerging production. The meeting was very moving for both parties.
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  4. photo2u

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    I would love to see it.
  5. I was watching an episode of 'the human jungle' and the actress playing Verity Clarke - Janina Faye my wife told me her father Jan Smigielski was a pilot from 303 squadron, so I could not resist it and asked "repeat please?' (Quote from the BofB asked to Barry Foster an number of times for those that do not know the film).
  6. kowalski

    kowalski Practically Family

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  7. I was just watching Barry Foster in an episode of Fall of Eagles where he played Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  8. Good film, trouble with seeing Barry Foster the van der valk theme pops into my head, sadly I am of that age of this being peak viewing when I was a child ;-)

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