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__ll Monsivais- Caps and Cravats ll__

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by DamianM, May 27, 2014.

  1. Infatuated with the early 20th century. I collect and wear neckties, suits, and hats from the 1900-1930s
    Caps where all the rage during the early years but are so difficult to find in good sizes.
    All men of trades owned one, from farmers to the Prince of Wales. Mostly made of wool and lined with silk.

    Today's modern caps are nothing like they made in the 1920s and 1930s so I took it upon myself to make some reproductions for myself and now I offer them here to the public whom share the same liking and want a period correct look.
    I'm also offering Neckties made from vintage dead-stock woven silk brocade from the 1920s-1930s. Hand stitched from beginning to end.

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    No need for a band when you have stitched edges.

    Available in any Cloth

    Made 100% by hand from an original pattern here we have a wide one piece top Flat cap reproduction of those from the 1920s

    A wide cap measuring up to 11 inches.

    After the cap is done and leather sweatband it stitched It is then steamed on a early 20th century Cap block to give it the fullness and shape

    -Unbreakable water resistant visor
    - leather sweat band
    - Vintage United Carr Snap Button
    - Stitched edges




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  3. Get your linen cap Today!
    A special $75 offer on Linen caps for the summer would be offered for the first 5 people to message me on the Etsy site!
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  4. PADDY

    PADDY I'll Lock Up Bartender

    These are inspired Damian. It's so encouraging to see individuals like yourself rise above the economic recession and 'make a go' of things through enterprise, initiative and enthusiastic entrepreneurship! Many great businesses have started from a kitchen table or home garage :)
    I'm full of admiration!
    Best of Luck Sir!
  5. I am greatly appreciative of such a great compliment . Possibly one of the best I've had.
    Thank you very much for recognizing my work. I will continue to work hard.
  6. Single or Matching decorative Handkerchiefs are available upon request

  7. mactire

    mactire New in Town

    As a matter of interest will you make from customer supplied cloth? I've Donegal tweeds, Irish linen and English worsteds off-cuts from suits and it would be nice to get the odd cap or two made out of the remnants.
  8. I most certainly can make caps from reclaimed wool. It was actually common practice to do this during the peak of their use.

    If you would like you can message me here on the FL or on my etsy store.
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