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a question of color

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Phobic, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Phobic

    Phobic New in Town

    I've been looking for a brown hat as of late, and have come across a bit of a quandry.
    Would it be better to go with a dark brown "chocolate"-like color, or a lighter "Camel"-like? I'm looking for a hat that will be relatively versatile, and seeing as I'm not well versed in what colors "work" together, I thought I'd ask here.
    Thanks for the help, and make sure to post pics once I nab a hat.
  2. Russ

    Russ One of the Regulars

    I think chocolate works better with more colors. I'd walk a mile for a chocolate. :)
  3. The browns and tans seem to work for me, too. I tend to favor the "earth tones" in my day-to-day clothes, and I have a wonderful brown pinstripe suit from Indy Magnoli.
  4. Consider your daily attire...do you tend to wear mostly darks or lights? Hair color may factor in too. Some just do better in darker colors while others in lighter colored hats. Personally, I steer away from the chocolate colors simply because I don't like the Indy Jones aura, and lighter colors just work better with my skin tone. I just picked up a Bailey in 'almond' that's a nice tan/khaki color...not too dark, not too light.
  5. funneman

    funneman Practically Family


    I have a dark brown almost gray mallory with a black ribbon. I find that color with the black goes with almost everything I wear. The hat seems to take on the color of whatever I am wearing at the time.

    Hope that helps.
  6. BigSho

    BigSho Vendor

    I tend to think when I am matching a hat to a suit or outfit for someone that depending on how light the "camel" color is they really work the same. A darker camel hat with a brown band always looks sharp with a lot of different colors. The dark borwn would tend to be a little less versatile but is one of my personal favorite hat colors.

  7. SinatraStyle

    SinatraStyle A-List Customer


    The shade of brown will depend a lot on your skin tone. If you get a chance, try on different hats to see which color best suites you. If you're not able to try on hats, you can also get a feel for color by looking at what color/shades of clothing look best on you. You may find that some tones simply look bad and others look good.

    I hope this helps. Good luck hunting!
  8. My advice to a new hat buyer is to think in terms of your everyday wear. Buy something that looks like it goes with what you usually wear.

    What I really want to suggest is for you to buy both colors and skip the decision making process. ;)
    You know once you choose a color you will eventually get the other!
    I am always telling my wife silly excuses why I need that particular brown or camel colored hat! lol
    Camel or tan color
    it never ends...
  9. SinatraStyle

    SinatraStyle A-List Customer


    Nice hats. What kind of edge is that on the brim of the first hat? It's a bit hard to make out on my monitor.
  10. Basically to sum up some ideas here, start with what will go with everything you wear on a regular basis, day in and day out. Then take your hair color and skin tone into consideration. For some folks certain colors wash them out and make them look like they're Death munching on a cracker. Also, go to a local or nearby hat store and try on hats that may be in similar color to what you are thinking of.
    Happy hat hunting, hope you find what you're looking for.:)


  11. Thanks. The brim on the first hat is a raw edge. The hat is an Akubra Fed Deluxe.
  12. SinatraStyle

    SinatraStyle A-List Customer

    I thought that it looked like an Akubra.
  13. chocolate hat...

    I bought a brown chocolate hat... I can wear it with any color and clothes style... looks great. I like the gray color but the dark brown works perfect to me.
  14. epic610

    epic610 One of the Regulars

    as with suits and shoes...

    the darker shades generally work best. keep in mind one of the few words of advice j.paul getty gave to his son ...."wear dark suits".
  15. gekisai29

    gekisai29 One of the Regulars

    As you can see from the above there is no correct choice...so i go with the get both crowd.
  16. i agree with the get both, but if i had to pick one to start with id do the dark brown good luck

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