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A small (and trendy) hat store in NYC...

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Aureliano, May 20, 2011.

  1. Aureliano

    Aureliano I'll Lock Up

    Walking towards Central Park, I stumbled upon this small hat shop on Broadway. Because of the season, they had mostly their own brand of straw hats: most of them shantung while others seemed to be either very coarse toquilla or some sort of tropical straw. They also have a few stetson and, in a glass case, a few Borsalinos and some "designer" hats with the house label. I liked the windows with their blocks and flanges (not for sale :() and the fact that they sell Scout products. I bought a couple of cans of cleaner! Photos are iPhone shots, so not the best quality. They have a website www.arthhat.com






  2. Did I see a straw derby? Interesting, I like the old hat blocks.
  3. Kkaderly

    Kkaderly One of the Regulars

    Is that a disco ball?? I too like the old hat blocks!!!
  4. Aureliano

    Aureliano I'll Lock Up

    Yeah, straw derby and disco ball. lol lol
  5. Saint-Just

    Saint-Just One of the Regulars

    Such a hat store, in such a nice part of NYC could help make hats fashionable again :)

    I miss NYC...
  6. boone33

    boone33 New in Town

    What a cool place.
  7. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    I liked this
    until I read this
    Classic straw styles with a modern twist from Anthony Peto.
    All hand crafted and made in France ($250).

    Based on their other hats, these are probably cheapies with new ribbons.
  8. skyvue

    skyvue Call Me a Cab

    I don't mean to come off as a downer, but many of the hats in those pics look kind of silly, like $10 knockoffs one can purchase from street vendors. With J.J., Bencraft, and Worth and Worth available to us, as a New Yorker, Arth would pretty far down my list of shops to visit/patronize.

    Even the fact that they keep their blocks and flanges in the window sets off a little alarm in my head. They're clearly not being used.
  9. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    Disco Derbies ... that is amusing. ;)
  10. You do not come off as a downer at all. The price of doing business in Manhattan is obscene but I see little reason to offer high priced garbage.
    If I want a low quality disposable hat I'll buy one at Target for ten bucks.
    On the upside, it's good to know where to get Scouts hat cleaner.
  11. I have to admit, there are a couple of interesting items apparent in the photos. Mainly, though, I don't see this place doing much for the state of hat-wearing. Too much of there stuff looks like the sort of things I see everywhere and wish to avoid. And... "Arth?" Really? I hate to be yet another downer, but this uninspires me.
  12. SgtRick

    SgtRick One of the Regulars

    The hat blocks looked very interesting.
  13. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    As I thought, the "straw" hats are paper. link
    Straw boater hat for Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out from Anthony Peto . A ribbon with bow sits at the base of the crown. Flat top. Unlined.

    100% paper straw
  14. The website didn't impress me. Looks uber-pretentious, imho. And the goods look trendy-ridiculous.
  15. 1961MJS

    1961MJS Call Me a Cab


    O.K., New York, they could probably sell Borsalino's. They have NONE on their website. Are they serious? The pictures of their shop remind me of the day after Halloween at the Goodwill.

    Completely Underwhelmed.
  16. Aureliano

    Aureliano I'll Lock Up

    I did see some paper straw hats. Nothing interested me there except the Scout sprays. That's why I went in. As someone else said it above, the place is uninspiring but wanted to share the pics with you guys anyway.

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