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A2 Leather Jacket in long size ?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by nihil, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. nihil

    nihil One of the Regulars

    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for a long size A2 leather jacket.
    Accuracy should be fairly good, but it's not needed to be a 1:1 reproduction of the wartime issue jacket.
    I'm also not prepared to shell out 500-ish $ on it :)

    I've tried the Sturm Mil-Tec one, and their size L is too short for me. I could perhaps go up to a size XL, but then it would be quite baggy. The L was already quite roomy in the chest area.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Keep an eye out on used - including forums and vendors such as Aeroleather.
    BIll Kelso has a sale - not sure if they have a long in the sale section.
    There are lots of jackets in that price range, aside from new though, not many are near accurate or awesome. G&B might be close. Older Avirex are also on eBay as are Schott, both of which again, are less "accurate".
    $500 used to get you good gear new, now, you gotta look used or sale. Good luck. There's stuff out there to be had, but it will take some work.
  3. schitzo

    schitzo Suspended

    Exactly how tall are you?
  4. hyptul

    hyptul Familiar Face

  5. Bill Kelso has L and XL jackets that can still be bought at eur 260.
    Please drop a line to sales@billkelsomfg.com
  6. mattp

    mattp One of the Regulars

    I've just ordered a long 29971 A-2 from Bill Kelso, they look fantastic for the price. Will post some pics once it arrives!

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