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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Mojave Jack, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Big Man

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    Today was an absolutely beautiful day, and was only made better by being able to get out in the woods with two of my grandchildren.
  2. greatestescaper

    greatestescaper One of the Regulars

    Big Man, that does look like a fun time. I am really excited about taking my son for hikes in the local state and national parks as spring sets in. He already loves our short walks in the field outside the house. He just lights up, day or night, when he gets to experience the world outside.
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  3. Making memories, eh! big Man, way to go, I think of my Grandfather taking my brother and I on walks so it's nice to see you just doing that and with style to! My grandfather was a flat cap chap but your Fedora will stick in their minds I am sure.
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  4. cm289

    cm289 One of the Regulars

    Here's some pics from last July's family vacay at Vallecito lake in Colorado. The fishing wasn't that great (monster in the 3rd pic notwithstanding), but it was a relaxing and fun trip regardless, and that's all that counts-[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. Big Man

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    This was at the halfway point in the 10K Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC today. I have my fedora in my hand, as the wind was blowing hard on top of the bridge.
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  6. Heathfox

    Heathfox New in Town

    Good afternoon adventurers! I got out of doors for some walking, tree-hugging and bird watching this weekend, staying at my mother's place in west-central Germany. I took a leisurely hike through the woods and along a swampy river valley. Plenty of birds to be seen (including an unusual visitor, a Black-tailed Godwit, a type of snipe) as well as quite a few Roe deer and Hares.

    Swamp-trotting: My outfit is not purely along Horace Kephart's suggestions this time, he advises against corduroy trousers and anathematises long boots....

    A little cabin for the use of hikers, built by the local Nature Conservation Society:

    "Still life with backpack"
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  7. Well done, Heathfox!!! Looks like a very enjoyable time!!!
  8. zeus36

    zeus36 A-List Customer

    From Scotland:

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  9. Panadora

    Panadora Practically Family

  10. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Nice pictures.
  11. kaiser

    kaiser A-List Customer

    That is one of my favorit parts of that movie, Slim Pickins is great.
  12. Gabe Long

    Gabe Long One of the Regulars

    The SBCD saw north Georgia waterfalls and mountains over the weekend. It was great, tuckered me out. [​IMG]
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  13. Alex Neves

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  14. Alex Neves

    Alex Neves New in Town

    7 feet Pirarucu - Bahia - Brazil

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  15. Big Man

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    I did a little hiking this past Friday on the Ledge Trail (appropriately named) on the side of Hawksbill Mountain in the Linville Gorge. The Gorge is about 10 miles as the crow flies from where I live in Western NC.
  16. Was able to get Wifey out for some sun and fresh air last weekend at Pioneer flight museum fall fly in at Kingbury Tx.

  17. Great photo of you pair and a nice shot of that old kite, I swear if it too had been painted green it would have looked as though you have just jumped out of it.

    Great to see you enjoying yourself after the summer you had.
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  18. Thanks Mr. Godfrey!

    Sorry for poor pic, but here's one of the SE-5A that is just about finished! Thought you'd enjoy this one! Waiting on custom radiator for the finish. Then It's off to its new home in Virginia!

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  19. That's a nice photo of your wife and grandson having a family day out. Great looking aircraft there too, you look as though you had just taken her up for a whirl and back down for lunch if your choice of clothing.

    Reminds me of an air show my grandfather took me to a long time ago, spent ages playing in the cockpit of an old Lancaster.
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  20. Sounds like you had fun, look out for head hunters in that photo And still looking smart too!
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