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Discussion in 'Hats' started by pjt113, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Very much appreciated. Indeed a fine guitar. 1967 ES 175. Made a fine photo and I got to play it for a while.

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  2. I needed to step out of the box this week, and do something different. I just aged, and distressed what will be a size 7-1/2 beaver body, it was a really cool learning experience as well, and simply something different. Don't worry though, my heart is dedicated to making PERFECT BEAUTY, I really never knew any way but, doing things that way. I have this inner need for perfection. I like to think of my dad, as my pop use to say, do it 1 time, and do it right. So it's the way I roll. But I have to admit, stratigically burning and making a hat look 80 years through the wringer, was pretty cool.

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  3. RJR

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  4. I made my first hat in 2011, I think I sold that to RJR, used in 2016. When I found I lost a job. Our first hat, a hatters first hat, such a thrill in making it, do I wish I had kept it now, no. Why, because I like Bob, he knows me for a long time and knows I've paid my dues, and he watched as I grew. I can always count on him to give a thumbs up, and make positive words, on my current work. Bob, one of my first followers, who watched me grow, as I paid my dues perfecting hat making. Life's weird, and full of twists and turns but at one time, I'd spend hours reading here, posting pictures of old hats, and customs, I bought from others here. There was always someone who'd PM, and say hello, always activity and conversation.

    In closing, I'd like to thank the 3 people who cared enough about me recently, to send me words of encouragement. 3 people. My world can fit in a matchbox. It's great to be a member of this fine family of the Fedora Lounge. I'm not saying that sarcastically.
    I remember a vibe, here, that just sticks in the back of my mind. I'm just thinking about something, being skill sets, which typicall comes with age, time and experience, and it can come in a shorter period to those driven to create 2011-2017 I did about 80 hats while working a job. Now, this is my job. And in my job, I am competive, on price and turn around. And if you take the plunge, you wont regret it. I make one of the finest hats out there. And I have from the finest, comparisons. I know where I stand. I didn't just jump in one day and say im a hatter. I spent money here. I got disappointments here. So I took a leap, because of a few reasons. So determined to be a stand out, in the crowd. Put my current work up against any. I'll take that critique, 24-7

    Please understand me, I'm driven. I'm trying to make myself into something. I am a multi talented artist. And maybe I'll put more on the table one day, but I'm mastering hat making now. And my work, it is worthy of the most discerning, hat wearing person out there.

    Taking orders for top quality hats. If you don't like your purchase and think that I'm not the artist I claim to be. I'll refund you. I'll give you a 100% refund and that includes shipping costs to and from. Anyone else going to offer that today, or ever ? I don't believe so. I'm simply making you an easy way to take the plunge, and not fear, that you just blew hard earned money. People ask me to be more outgoing here, on the lounge. I ask people here, to consider me as well, for their needs. Have a great day everyone. If you do consider a hat, please don't back out on the order, due to peer pressure. Sorry. But true feeling there. I'm true to word, lived that way all my life, I ask the same of anyone coming my way. It's happened a few times, it's why I'm saying it here. Not in hiding anymore.
  5. Indeed but I'm getting a sweatband in now, and then going to tinker with some ribbons. I will post this. It is cool.
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    If we had one of those emoj's eating popcorn I would post it here while waiting on the pic.
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    Tim what colors of felts do you have in stock?
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  8. I'm just seeing this now , let me get with you tomorrow. What was your head size, again? I want to be sure I have the correct body in hand, as I check the colors. I will, look back tomorrow. And get back, to you. Have a good night. Tim

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  9. Scooterz

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    7 1/4
  10. I have many felt bodies on hand, most are bigger bodies, in beaver and staple. But I have a few smaller red stringers, for your blocking size. Those are in staple rabbit only.
    Message me, I'm curious to know if you do go for a build , if you will want beaver or staple rabbit. If I have to order, I will. Let's discuss, at your convenience. Thank you for your patronage. Tim
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  11. When 2 different guys, over time help. One with binding, for the most part, and another with sizing. They've both been given many kudos, by me, for being friends enough, in that, being able to share just enough information to make 2 things, very important for me, to know. My brims, would not be, what they are, if Scott aka Bond, had not been there, when I was self-learning this. He made me understand relaxation and cupping. I've re-cut several edge binding since, just because they didn't have "that look" he helped me find. Thanks Scott. Last hat, I did, the third was a charm, the other 2 too tight.
    The other man.....he knows who he is and I know he reads here, and I'll figure out your handle one day.....but, like I said weeks back, I had a humbling experience. And you helped me be set straight, understanding sizing, but with out saying much more and blowing your cover, the bell......the bell is there and I'm ringing it. My eye hadn't seen this prior, where now it does, I cut 2 sweats, this build. This sucker, dead on. I say these are some of the dues that I've paid, self-taught, stumbling but doing well, seeking some assistance where I could to help me understand. So when I got my twins, broken here, about a deal I made, to obtain wind chords, and in that relationship, learn a little something, from a good person, oh well, a hatter has got to do, what a hatter has got to do, to make it happen. I took the beating like a big boy, but I'm the better for it, all around. So I'd like to again, pay a compliment to 2 guys who corrected me, for everything which I had picked up as tips in 2011 from another good guy, that we're off, or misinterpreted. Everybody is learning. The help was there initally, as a piecemeal of tips to get me just through a hat.

    I learned a tremendous amount.

    Anyway, here I sit and I'm working on what will be an inventory hat for ETSY ( obviously that says something to someone who is a 60cm.)

    This is a beaver 100 which I am distressing and aging. I'll take pictures of the other side, after I sew in this sweat. But look just how nicely, this was done, after learning and putting time in to understand, how to do the job.

    Thanks for looking and liking. I hope to see likes....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. If you look at instagram, this photo is actually a 29 second clip, of how nice, the reed sits.
    #alleykathatco [​IMG]

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  13. I also just posted a 25 second clip of the entire exterior, while I figure out, my final look. #alleykathatco instagram

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  14. Size 7-1/2 in Beaver 100 aged and distressed. ..just got my sweat band in, and confirming the head size. Band block for head size, fits great. Hope you all have a great day/evening.[​IMG]

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  15. Fantastic Tim! Love the color and that sweat is the best!!!
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  16. Thank-you Johnny. I appreciate the good words. I remember the day when many folks, would have weighed in. Those were the good ole' days my friend. But they didn't end....it is all good. I'm a survivor, and I'm on a mission.

    My dues have been paid, this Kat, messed up a few felt bodies, I fouled up sweatband cuts, and gave my personal time, to help people and I gave products away to earn some respects. It didn't pan out that well...but that is OK. I learned something about people. In the process. I work hard, I'm honest, I'm true to my word. I think the most important thing a person can be it TRUE TO WORD, and living the life that way in general, an absolute. Promises made, promises broken, live, learn and move on. Learn to not be used. But most importantly learn how to be true, I learned a lot in the last 24 months, about personal agendas, and fluff, but don't forget I been here a long time.

    So what are the dues a hatter needs to put in, to be considered outstanding?

    I'm still waiting. I ASKED the other day. Not many takers on that subject, and that is fine. But don't hide behind your words. Bring it out in the open. Its ok, to man up. I'm curious to know why you'd say what you did to another, you must feel me as a threat. With all due respect don't bad mouth me anymore. I know what you did, but I'll still always respect you because you paid your dues.
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  17. I did get new sweatband but this one, is treated, not naked. I got these, so I can put them on the hats, going on the internet for sale, and know, if there is a return, the sweat won't be stained. I'll use the naked taupe and naked natural, in custom builds.
  18. Beaver 100 Aged and Distressed. A intentional build. Hope you enjoy the look, and the artistic mindset.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. philosophy101

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    Cool look! Nice shaping to the crown.
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  20. Thanks very much, for the like!

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